Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Usherette, Pt. 2

Thanks to a suggestion from one of my readers, I was inspired to place Gene at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, located on Hollywood Boulevard. I have yet to go inside the Egyptian, so an exterior view will have to suffice! I felt that a good outfit to use for this occasion was Usherette, so this post will begin where the last one featuring Usherette left off. More from the storycard:

One evening Gene leads a tall, distinguished man to his seat. He catches a glimpse of her face in the bean of her flashlight…and at that moment, Gene’s lfie changes forever!

Astonished at her beauty and taken with her poise, the man—a famous Hollywood producer—leads Gene out into the lobby to get a better look at her. He is not disappoitned! Gene wears a tailored velveteen uniform in robin’s-egg blue, smartly accented with satin trim and “pearl” buttons. Her tasseled usherette’s cap sits at precisely the right angle to accentuate her wide eyes and lovely cheekbones. The producer boldly announces he has made a “new discovery.” As flashbulbs pop, Gene can hardly believe what is happening to her!

This outfit also comes with a matching pair of short, interchangeable with the long pants. For this post, I decided to photograph my Gene wearing the long version...just seemed more appropriate!

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