Thursday, November 5, 2009

Song of Spain, the Final Chapter

Our 15" beauty stands up well even to a closeup! Here is the conclusion of this tale from the story card:

The camera rolled, the music thundered, and Gene spun down the stairs, her feet flashing in a blur of movement. Her radiant smile never faltered. Halfway, the skirt billowed off in a dazzling flourish of gold, balck and scarlet, only to be swept close again as she fastened it to her neck on the next three perilous turns. She reached the floor and stopped on a dime in a proud, dashing matador’s pose. Jaws dropped in amazement, but there was no time to celebrate…the camera was rolling!

My jaw didn’t drop, as I had no doubt that she’d do it to perfection on the first take. To see more Gene Marshall photos, visit my regular website.

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