Friday, November 13, 2009

Fit For A Queen

Soon as I saw this one on the Doll Peddlar website, I had to have it. It had the perfect vintage look to it with the tweed fabric and the tailoring, and the accessories were amazing! The purse, the luggage, the cape...yup, had to have it. This circa 1948 outfit was created by Hollywood costumer Lynne Day. For today’s setting, Gene is aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach. From the story card:

“All ashore who’s going ashore!”

Gene watched as the gangplank of the Queen of the Sea took leave of the side of the ship. Standing at the rail, she waved goodbye to the crowd on the dock—and to her luggage, which she saw sitting comfortably on a cart next to a dockworker frantically waving back!

Hurrying along the deck, she found the purser. “I don’t mean to be a bother,” gasped Gene, “but most of my luggage is still in New York…”

The purser leaped into action. Shortly, he returned with a sheepish look. “I am so sorry, Miss Marshall. We’ll try to get your luggage to the ship as soon as possible. In the meantime your luggage that did make it on board has been placed in your stateroom—and the Captain requests the pleasure of your company at his table this evening.”

Now it was Gene’s turn to leap into action.

For the second shot, I posed Gene in the Bridge of the Queen Mary (thanks, Lee!). Apparently, the Captain gave her a tour after dinner!

Come back tomorrow for the conclusion to this one! To see more Queen Mary photos, visit my regular website. To see more Gene Marshall photos, visit my regular website.


  1. These photos look really good, Dave. Just the kind of adventure we all would like to see. Perfect!

    ps: I think that's the bridge, not the engine room. She must be taking the Captain's tour.

  2. We need to airbrush that Russian sub outa there

  3. Russian Sub? What Russian Sub? (smirk smirk....)