Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fit For A Queen, Pt. 2

The end of this tale from the story card:

Hurrying to her stateroom, she took stock of what had made it onto the ship. “All right,” she smiled. “If I mix and match this blouse with this skirt…”

That night at dinner, a resplendent Gene stepped into the Queen of the Sea’s plush dining room. And from the applause of the other diners (and the smile on the handsome captain’s face), she knew her ensemble was a success. “What a funny scene. I’ll have to remember this in case I ever do a movie on a cruise ship,” Gene thought, as she accepted the captain’s outstretched hand and sat down to dinner…

Today’s photo that I shot shows the alternate “outfit” that Gene creates when necessity (and misplaced luggage!) forces her to become creative. To see more Queen Mary photos, visit my regular website. To see more Gene Marshall photos, visit my regular website.

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