Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello Hollywood, Hello

This was one of the first Gene dolls for me; very reminiscent of Alice Faye, a favorite musical star of the 30’s & 40’s. Faye was unique; beautiful as could be, she was also very grounded and real, too. She told it like it was and could sing like nobody’s business. I like to think that Gene was like this as well. This circa 1941 outfit was designed by Doug James and Joan Greene. From the story card:

The producer, Eric von Sternberg, inspected his newest starlet through a monocoled eye. “You climbed onto this train, clutching your Daddy and your teddy bear, a little girl—a nobody! But when you step off this train in Hollywood, Miss Marshall, you’re stepping off this train a star!”

Gene didn’t know how true his words were until the train pulled into the depot. To her amazement, a crowd of photographers and curious onlookers were swarming around a billboard bearing her picture and new name!

Today’s post marks the first time I am displaying a photo that I took myself. Featuring the Los Angeles Union Station, this is most likely the station Gene would have arrived at in 1941. Hope you like my first attempt.

To see more Union Station photos, visit my regular website. To see more Gene Marshall photos, visit my regular website.


  1. Great picture of her, and very nice inspiration.
    Thanks to share!

  2. Is it true that Gene is saying farewell. Just read this and it is saddening:

  3. This is the "Hello Hollywood, Hello" that we have, and we've never taken her out of the box since first purchased. Her box has Mel Odom's autograph too.

  4. Thanks Dalete! And yes, GWTW...Mel is going to discontinue Gene next Spring. I can understand him wanting to move onto other projects, but naturally it will be sad not to have any new Genes to look forward to. Lee - sounds like a great find! Have you had any trouble with your Genes turning color or staining?

  5. You've got a lock on the perspective! Well done.


  6. Dave; Didn't see this question until today. No, never had any trouble of that kind, but they've been in the dark packed away for years (10) and were ordered from Ashton-Drake. (We were on their mailing list.) The autographed boxes came as a special order when purchased from Ashton-Drake. We would receive a letter about a year in advance from them asking if, when the next new release came, would we like Mel to autograph the box at the place of release. We never really knew what doll it would be, but just that it was reserved for us with the signature. All of our yearly special issues are with the autograph.