Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trent Osborn: Formal Introduction

I thought it was time to introduce Gene’s co-star, Trent Osborn. He is the perfect melding of Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, and Gary Cooper, with the stylized Art Deco touch that Mel Odom has bestowed upon him. Today’s photo is of Trent in his Formal Introduction costume (designed by Lynne Day), blended with a few photos that I took at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. He fits in rather well, don’t you think? From the story card:

Oh, the tales these tails could tell…

I’ve worn these duds to many a fancy Hollywood bash. Grand premieres of films that I was in—and quite a few that I wasn’t. Broadway openings. Even to a couple of my weddings…

Sometimes I imagine I can still smell the perfumes of the various and sundry beauties that I’ve squired while wearing these tails. Mary, Madra, Greta, Gene, Veronica—even ZaSu. Faint whiffs of loveliness that spark memories of happy times (and an occasional slap or two—well deserved, I might add, and worth every smack).

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  1. I have this Trent doll. He is wonderful. love this doll. "He is the perfect melding of Clark Gable."
    Very nice pictures!