Monday, November 30, 2009

Gene: Best Bet

Another case of once I saw this one, I really wanted to have it. Cool vintage outfit, nifty necklace, and the rare raven-black hair color on Gene. You’ll see this doll modeling some other fashions at another point I am sure. But back to this circa 1955 outfit designed by Sylvia Gallen! I shot Gene the other night and decided to meld her with a vintage slide from my collection that features the Pantages Theater in Hollywood (the movie on the marquee behind Gene is Elizabeth Taylor’s “Cleopatra”). Amazingly enough, The Frolic Room is still there today:

From the story card:

The Monte Carlo Ball was in full swing—but all bets were off when Gene came through the door!

The Monte Carlo Ball was held once a year for charity, raising thousands of dollars for good causes by holding a night of “gambling” in a Hollywood-ized “casino.” People came from all over to share the fun as famous stars doubled as blackjack delaers, croupiers, cocktail waitresses and waiters—and the inevitable “bouncer” (usually played by a star popular for his meek roles).

This year, Gene had been chosen to be one of the croupiers at the roulette table—a fact that had been utmost in her mind as she chose her gown for the gala occasion.

I’d say her choice was impeccable. What do you think?

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