Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Press Conference

Dolly Cipolla designed this circa 1944 outfit that Gene wore when announcing her upcoming USO tour. From the storycard:

When Monolithic Studios was asked to do their part for the war effort and temporarily release several stars from their contracts to tour with the USO Camp Shows, Gene Marshall’s name was at the top of the list. People were still singing the catchy tunes from her movie “Sea Spree,” that made Gene’s reputation as “Our All-American Girl.” And GIs were adoring her innocently provocative pin-up that had just been released. The publicity garnered from this tour would be sensational.

But for Gene, publicity was unimportant next to the opportunity to bring a little bit of home to the boys fighting on the front. That’s what she told the journalists crammed in the room where Monolithic was holding a press conference to announce the movie stars going overseas on the upcoming USO tour.

Stripes and simplicity...I had to get this one and so I did. More to come from the publicity photos and story card...stay tuned!

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